How you can create an epic 2018

I don’t know about you, but for me the past year has been a roller-coaster of massive change and challenge on every level. I have often been reminded of skydiving; not knowing during free fall which way is up – and having no option but to take a deep breath and embrace the experience!

Dear Future, Im Ready... written on desert road

What I couldn’t conceive of a year ago has become my new norm.

I have been reminded of the importance of looking back; not to recapture the past, or wallow in what is lost, but because it helps me realise how many of my goals have actually manifested. This is evidence that like some kind of atomic fertiliser, what I choose to focus my attention consistently on has the power to shape the future – even in the most unlikely circumstances.

Has it been scary?

Hell yes – even though I’ve led an adventurous life, and faced more challenges and major milestones than I can count!

Has it taught me anything of value I can take with me and teach others in the year ahead?

Without a doubt!

I’ve been reminded:

  • That it is safe to explore the boundaries of my comfort zone.
  • That whatever I’ve lost, I am gaining in new ways.
  • That what is right for others, isn’t necessarily right for me, and vice versa.
  • That one person you can rely on is worth a hundred you can’t.
  • That I’ve survived major challenges before, so I know I can adapt.
  • Why I made the decisions I did, and what is of greatest value to me right now.

What am I most proud of?

My courage.

My agility.

My ability to appreciate everything that is good.

My willingness to create  a new reality – yet again.

And if I had to choose the most important insight this year of massive contrast has given me, it is this:

 I am always in control of what I choose to focus on, and therefore how I feel, no matter what my circumstances.

My choice to adapt, appreciate, recreate and feel hopeful has made what could have been a year from hell (which I admit it initially looked like), into a year of achievement, expansion, and joy in the most unexpected places.

Learn to trust the power of hope, agility and appreciation – and you will create an epic year ahead!



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