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4 proven ways to turn stress into a friend—instead of a foe

Are you dogged by deadlines, responsibilities that seem to multiply faster than rabbits on Viagra and a To Do list like a treadmill stuck on fast forward? Does your life feel like a hijacked jet and you’re just a helpless passenger?

Of course we all have the odd groundhog-day. You know the wake up late, spill coffee on your clothes, trip over the cat, hear something depressing on the news, … Read on...

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What do fine wine and a mid-life crisis have in common?

Wine enthusiasts share a passion for wines that will “age.” Wines that will actually improve over time are a rarity, thus making them a prize for collectors. Longevity in wine is one indicator of greatness.

However, quite often when we reach mid-life we get the frightening feeling that everything (including us) is starting to fall apart. The urge to fulfill those dreams on your bucket list acquires a new sense … Read on...

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Superhero Locked In Prison

The Super(wo)man Trap

Do you pride yourself in your ability to tackle the tough stuff of life—single handed? Is your confidence in your abilities so ingrained, that it doesn’t occur to you to ask for help? And when help is offered, is your instinctive response no thanks, I got it?

I know this feeling well.

The formulaic feel-good patter of it’ll be alright, tell me what the problem is or the worst one … Read on...

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Priorities—the cure for crazy-busy stress

I may be a stress management and empowerment coach, steeped in objectivity, and calm empathy, but whenever I hear someone exclaim (usually accompanied by appropriately dramatic body language) “I can’t because my crazy-busy schedule is making me so stressed” or variations on this theme, I am tempted to burst out laughing. I want to ask the obvious “well, why don’t you re-arrange your priorities?”

Brene Brown talks of numbing strategies—where … Read on...

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20 Brave Things Stripping Naked Allows You To Do

Metaphorically that is!

Summoning the courage to be totally transparent with your SELF is the bravest thing you will ever do! It’s not pleasant at the time—trust me, I’ve been there; many times. There’s nowhere to hide, no one to blame—and no going back!

But personal transparency grants you the freedom to celebrate the best of you and identify the areas that—ummm….. require work.

When you really KNOW your self … Read on...

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20 Ways to Keep Your Balance When Life Suddenly Capsizes

There are so many people in my life at the moment (professional and personal) for whom life as they know it has capsized in an instant. They’re suddenly faced with situations they’re totally unprepared for. None of their frames of reference fit any more; all their tried and tested strategies and expectations are suddenly obsolete; their values and beliefs shaken to the core.

How do you keep your balance when … Read on...

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Can Your Goals be too Big?

My answer, based on the people I work with is yes—sometimes they can. And I think this is linked to the cultural expectations of the world we live in. Our expectations often become distorted by this fast forward, desensitized, over dramatized, polarized culture of our times. Success is spelt $uccess. Achievement has to be massive, extreme and immediate—front page headlines, with many exclamation marks. And if your achievements don’t fall … Read on...

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The Benefits of Being Resilient

We often tend to think when we see how resilient people navigate life with such apparent ease and grace, that they were just born different; or that they haven’t been buffeted by too many of life’s tornados.


In fact it’s often the other way around.

The more often you face adversity, the less power it has to cripple you.

Resilient people show us that it is not necessarily the … Read on...

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