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10 Questions that will help you track your inner Gollum

In my previous post I explored the havoc that illusive little Gollum who lies in ambush in your brain can cause. So, how do you track him down? What signs do you look for? Does he wear size 14 combat boots? Does he leave footprints—or paw prints; disturbed earth; over¬turned rocks; trampled grass, or broken bushes?

Well no—but a disturbed self image, overturned career, broken dreams or trampled relationships—absolutely!

Does … Read on...

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NEW ZEALAND - CIRCA 2003: A stamp printed in New Zealand dedicated to The Lord of the Rings shows Gollum circa 2003

How can you stop your inner Gollum sabotaging you?

Has impulsively rushing into something ever bitten you on the butt, making you wish you’d pressed the pause button and evaluated the consequences first? Have you ever arrived late for an important interview? Are you dreaming of financial freedom while your credit card is melting from over use? Have you ever devoted yourself to the destruction of your liver by testing what you learned in chemistry class? Have you argued … Read on...

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Guidance key business concept with a lighthouse beacon tower shinning a guiding light shaped as a key hole on a stormy dark background sky as a symbol of hope and finding solutions.

Do you have these 9 Leadership qualities?

Three weeks into my latest Stress Management course and the feeling of wonder never diminishes. What a privilege to be a partner in the transformational process—all those “storm-battered boats” reclaiming their lives and becoming lighthouses of leadership—for themselves, their families, employees, colleagues, co-workers and communities.

Are you allowing stress to kidnap your neo-cortex?

Do you know why chaos, accidents or ill health follow you like dog shit on your shoe? … Read on...

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flying high

The ONLY New Year’s Resolution you need!

I woke up this morning bubbling over with positive anticipation about a new year dawning. Like a kid with a new Christmas present how can I play with the opportunities I have during the next twelve months, I wondered? How can I turn them into a happy, healthy and rewarding future?

So I thought I’d take a look at the news headlines to see what the rest of the world … Read on...

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Symbol for many things in life. Persistence, determination, survival, hope, resilience, strength, winning, force of nature.

25 ways resilience can save your life

I’m hearing a lot of stories lately from clients who are stuck in jobs they hate. For some it’s work that’s beneath their qualifications and aspirations, boring, dead-end, or poorly paid. For others it’s being confined each day in a toxic corporate culture or with bosses or colleagues from hell. For others it’s shortage of resources, the distance they have to travel, awkward business hours or job insecurity.

Then there … Read on...

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Surfer girl surfs a wave in Indian ocean.

5 invaluable tips to help you surf the waves of change

Yesterday, I had a mechanic check my car. When he’d finished he gave me a list of all the problems that he found – engine mountings, bearings, shocks, and by the time he got to bushes my heart rate was doing double time and my mind was screaming holy cow, this car’s ready for the scrap heap, and how am I going to replace it, and what if I have … Read on...

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10 things smart people do to get unstuck

Remember the client I told you about in my last post who prefaced our first session with I hope you don’t think I’m a mad woman—then turned out to be the complete reverse? The one whose been stuck in a job where she’s treated disrespectfully, believing that being a single parent of four children with limited marketable skills she had no option? The woman who was given 2 weeks to … Read on...

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Hiker free falling from the mountain, cliff. Concept of man in dangerous or fatal situation, accident.

3 steps to turn a personal crisis into a positive motivator

I’ve had a lot of clients (many in the fifty plus age group) lately who due to various crises, are facing the stark and rather terrifying fact that if they’re going to survive they’re going to have to radically reinvent themselves and their lives—fast.

It’s a pretty shocking and intimidating realization at any stage of life—but doubly so in later years. The ground beneath your feet isn’t supposed to give … Read on...

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