25 easy ways to make 2017 a sensational success

Well, it’s that time of year again. A time for reflection, evaluation, and self-celebration!

Motivational Quote on watercolor background - Do something today that your future self will thank you for.

What, you don’t do this?

Well, start now!


If you’re not clear about what to dump, what to adapt and what to repeat, how can you make the year ahead a game changer?

If a rapidly changing environment has thrown your plans off course, how can you formulate a different strategy to achieve the outcomes you want?

If you dwell on what went wrong, and don’t appreciate and celebrate the impressive progress you’ve made, how can you keep your life in perspective – and what will provide the momentum to propel you forward into a bright, shiny future?

So, to make this process easy and insure 2017 is a sensational success, I’ve put together this inventory for you to complete during the holidays.

Take a deep breath, relax and start writing your “wow, I’ve made impressive progress” list!

1. Ways I faced my fears and broke out of my comfort zone this year
2. Ways I’ve been kinder to myself this year (and therefore others)
3. Ways I celebrated and rewarded my progress during the year
4. Challenges I courageously faced this year
5. New things I learned about myself this year
6. Progress I’ve made towards my goals and new strategies I’ve adopted this year
7. Progress I’ve made in taking time-out from digital and other demands this year
8. Self care rituals I’ve made a habit this year
9. Ways I’ve achieved a healthier work/life balance during the year
10. Ways I’ve reduced my stress levels this year
11. How I’ve injected more laughter into my life during the year
12. Ways I’ve turned failure into fuel this year
13. Healthy lifestyle changes I’ve made this year
14. Sabotaging beliefs or behaviors I’ve dumped this year
15. Ways in which I have grown and new things I’ve learned this year
16. Important changes (I’ve been avoiding) that I’ve made progress with this year
17. Healthy personal boundaries I installed this year
18. Achievements I am especially proud of this year
19. Ways I’ve held myself accountable this year
20. Times I’ve chosen to focus on what inspires me, instead of what induces fear
21. Ways I’ve improved my prioritizing (and therefore time management) based on my unique values this year
22. Things I can’t control, that I’ve learned to accept over the past year
23. Stressful people or issues that I’ve let go of this year
24. Ways my confidence and self-esteem have grown this year
25. Ways I have acknowledged what a courageous and unique soul I am this year

Notice the emphasis is on improvement and progress – not perfection!

How do you feel now?

Proud of yourself?





Now that’s a great state to start a New Year full of promise and potential in!

And if you’re struggling with any of these, now is the time to get help.

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