Is this you?

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Your low energy levels are taking a toll on work, and relationships.

  • Elevated or long term stress is making you ill.

  • You or your team lack leadership or motivation.

  • Your life seems to have drifted off course and you don’t know how to regain direction.

  • You feel trapped and backed into a corner with no escape route.

  • Grief,  loss or uncertainty are taking their toll.

  • Time management challenges, prioritizing, people-pleasing or procrastination are hampering your effectiveness.

  • Fear of failure (or success) is stopping you moving forward.

  • You’re facing intimidating, unfamiliar life changes.

  • Low self esteem is holding you hostage

  • You’re worried about financial security, retrenchment, or economic uncertainty.

  • You’ve had ENOUGH of feeling powerless, are seeking clarity and are committed to change.

How Coaching Works

I help my clients take back a leadership role in their lives – and discover strengths, and skills they didn’t realize they had.

I help them create a fully engaged joyful life that “fits”. I help them to re-frame their problems and limitations. I help them identify, explore and adapt unconscious beliefs, freeing them from a distorted reality. I enable them to turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones towards meaningful goals.

I help them direct their lives instead of having it direct them.

For 15 years, I have been using my finely tuned intuition, stress management, life coaching, NLP and hypnosis expertise to help countless people Break Free from a self imposed prison, and transform their lives in wondrous ways.

I was the queen of stress and self sabotage and I know just how destructive it is! I know how miserable and helpless that feels.

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