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About Me…

I started out believing I was powerless to change my reality….

But as all the research in brain plasticity now tells us  – this is a lie! We CAN rewire our brains, and therefore change our lives beyond our wildest dreams.

I have proved this many times over, in a multitude of ways. I have dramatically reshaped my personality, how I respond to what is going on around me, how I feel, and my future reality.

So have thousands of people I’ve worked with, and those who read my blogs and books – from entrepreneurs to job seekers, from successful coaches and business people, to those in personal or professional transition.

My emotional intelligence score was somewhere around zero. Now I teach others how to increase theirs!

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Sometimes painful, often uncomfortable, frequently terrifying – and absolutely invaluable insights that have made me what I am – so that I can help you:

  1. Obsessively stressing about problems makes me blind to solutions and opportunities – even when they’re 2cms from my nose.
  2. Blame just keeps me stuck.
  3. Rescuing or protecting others prevents them learning and growing.
  4. There is a direct link between consistent ACTION and achievement.
  5. Life isn’t fair and the world won’t change to accommodate me. It’s up to me to change.
  6. Quitting prematurely prevents me gaining traction or building momentum.
  7. Failure is just my navigation system, showing me how to do it better.
  8. There’s no such thing as perfection. Progress is what matters.
  9. What I invest in life I get out—physically, emotionally, mentally and materially. It’s that simple.
  10. Making excuses may self-soothe and keep me in a comfort zone, but it also keeps me powerless to change.
  11. Having the courage to take calculated risks, again and again makes me wiser and more confident each time.
  12. An inability to prioritize or install boundaries is very stressful, and can be learned.
  13. If I don’t take ownership for my part in helping to create a situation, I become a helpless passenger on a hijacked jet.
  14. Stress is my internal anti virus alert. It’s an invitation to ask questions and refocus my attention.
  15. Anger and drama is a childish, unproductive way to get attention.
  16. Emotions are powerful. Like driving a Ferrari—they’re beyond exhilarating done with expertise. Potentially lethal without it.
  17. Respect starts with me! I show people how to treat me.
  18. Previously intimidating displays of bravado, arrogance or venomous criticism,  are just fear playing dress up.
  19. Crazy-busy-stress is not a trendy tag for success. It’s telling me my emotional intelligence skills need upgrading.
  20. There’s no such thing as no time—I just need to get my priorities straight.
  21. Celebrating my strengths empowers me—and working on my weaknesses prevents me falling into the same holes repeatedly.
  22. I am a work in progress—and I am enough!
  23. Adjusting my expectations builds stress immunity.
  24. If I stay in tip top condition – mentally, emotionally, materially and physically –  I can meet the inevitable challenges of life.
  25. Procrastinating does not make problems go away. Like tumors, they grow bigger, and more life threatening.
  26. Self awareness is an essential life skill. If I don’t trust my ability to survive and thrive, regardless of the situation I’m in—I won’t.
  27. Putting MY wellbeing first is non-negotiable. I’m useless to anyone (including myself) if I don’t.
  28. Resisting change is a waste of energy.
  29. Same strategy = same result. If something’s not working, I change the strategy.
  30. I am clear on, consistent about and emotionally invested in my goals, so I don’t drift off course or get lost.
  31. I celebrate every step forward to build confidence and momentum.
  32. If I listen to the messages negative feelings come to deliver, I can turn them into positive action.
  33. I am not always right. Like everyone, I have blind spots, so my beliefs and perceptions need evaluating and updating from time to time.
  34. What looks like “the end” is often just a bend.
  35. The more often I face adversity, the less power it has to cripple me.
  36. I don’t hold the stress franchise – and most of it is of my own making.
  37. I don’t waste energy. I only invest it where I can influence change.
  38. Nobody will die if I’m “off the grid” from time to time, so taking time out to regain perspective and balance is a priority.
  39. Yes, I’m scared. Fear is a fact of life, so I hang out with fellow fear-fighters, who are on a similar journey. We support and encourage each other.
  40. Once I got rid of stress and self sabotage it unleashed a leader I never dreamed was there.
  41. When I’m scared or out of your depth, I don’t try to go it alone. I use all the available resources – expertise, inspiration, skills, strategies and support.


All these experiences and more have created the awesomely effective coach and writer I am today:

  • Giving birth to two awesome souls – a son and daughter, who taught me a lot more than I taught them
  • Embracing the magical world of Down Syndrome with my daughter
  • Navigating single parenthood for many years
  • Co-founding the first Down Syndrome Association in the country
  • Changing my profession, lifestyle, and country of residence when my daughter died at 16
  • Becoming a Corporate and Personal Stress Management Consultant
  • Becoming a Life Coach
  • Becoming a Hypnotherapist
  • Becoming a best selling author, co-author and blogger
  • Becoming an NLP Practitioner and Cognitive Behavioral Therapist
  • Training Trainers
  • Walking with lions
  • Riding elephants
  • Canoeing and skydiving
  • Surviving and thriving after divorce, death, tragedy and relocation – more than once!

I am a book author and blogger for the Huffington Post Africa’s Women Entrepreneurs and SheInspiresHer


The Coaching Gurus

This book is for any woman who is looking for ways to break free of limitation and lead a consciously empowered life. It draws on the experience of 25 coaches and provides a wealth of invaluable women’s empowerment strategies. I wrote the chapter entitled Freedom from Stress and Self Sabotage. Scroll down this page to order it.

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Contributing author of Modern-Day Miracles
Radiant Survivor
Contributing author of Radiant Survivor

So What Next?

If you, or your professional team are ready to join those who have taken a quantum leap into a healthy, relaxed, joyful, rewarding reality; if you want to reclaim control, unleash the leader within and become a force to be reckoned with – then tell me more about you. I’ll see if I can help. Go here.

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