About Pamina

About Me…

Fear and stress used to hold me hostage.

I believed I was powerless to Break Free…

But as all the research in brain plasticity now tells us  – this is a lie!

You CAN rewire your brain, and change your life beyond your wildest dreams.


I know this is true. I have proved it – many times over – in a multitude of ways. I have dramatically changed the way I respond to what is going on around me, and how I feel.

This has transformed my reality!

So have countless people I’ve worked with from entrepreneurs to job seekers, from successful coaches and business people, to those who are stuck, struggling or in personal or professional transition.

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My Publications

The Coaching Gurus

This book is for any woman who is looking for ways to break free of limitation and lead a consciously empowered life. It draws on the experience of 25 coaches and provides a wealth of invaluable women’s empowerment strategies. I wrote the chapter entitled Freedom from Stress and Self Sabotage. Scroll down this page to order it.

Modern Day Miracles
Contributing author of Modern-Day Miracles
Radiant Survivor
Contributing author of Radiant Survivor

I am a blogger for the Huffington Post Africa’s Women Entrepreneurs and SheInspiresHer

So What Next?

Are you ready to Break Free from fear and stress?

Are you ready to reclaim control?

Are you ready to unleash the leader within – no matter what your current situation? 

Are you ready to discover just what you’re capable of, and join those who have created a completely different reality?

Then tell me more about you. I’ll see if I can help. Go here.