Break Free from the Procrastination Trap!


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Is procrastination making you a justification junkie?

Do you rationalize that you don’t have the time to deal with important issues, and file them away for future reference? Do you allow small, easy to do tasks to marinate in your mind until they grow into an overwhelming mountain on your To Do list, making your stress levels soar every time you think about them? Has your productivity, motivation and achievement been stored in that warehouse called “tomorrow”?

Well, I’ve walked the talk – just like you. I was the Queen of Procrastinators!

For years this destructive habit immobilized me and held me hostage—in business, relationships and finances.

I could have written a thousand page theses on How to Sabotage Your Success by Procrastinating!

Instead I compiled this course to help you Break Free from the Procrastination Trap the way I did.

If I can do this – so can you!

The insights and strategies in this course have helped countless people to stop shooting themselves in the foot; to kick their procrastination habit, stop letting promising opportunities slip through their fingers, and become more productive and successful than they could ever have imagined.

Let me help you reclaim your power and take control of your life!


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