Success Stories

Success Stories


Tracey Bruk-Jackson – Personal Trainer, Pilates Instructor, Stress Management and Life Coach

From day one of this course, I was immediately hit by the realisation that I was not clinically depressed (as the doctor had diagnosed).

I didn’t need anti depressant medication. I was stressed! 

Pamina provided so much fascinating information and so many practical tools and techniques to address this. I had lost control of my life. I had lost my boundaries. I had lost too much weight. I had become totally problem focused. My children’s needs had become just another brick on my load. I was over analyzing everything. Now I’ve learned to let go of things I can’t control.

I have learned to focus on the one thing I can always control – ME!

I started to meditate and breathe with conscious focus, and my problems started to recede. I started to gain perspective. I had always acted impulsively – then regretted what I had done or said. Now I detach and think about my response first. This was a huge revelation to me. I became present in the situation for the first time, instead of instantly reactive. It is so much more empowering and productive. I learned to have goals, and that success was actually okay. I’ve been creating goals and achieving them.

I finally understood and dealt with my rejection ad abandonment beliefs formed as a child when my Dad died, and my Mum struggled through the grief, unable to meet my needs. I finally understood that the grief caused by the death of my Father, Stepfather, and recently my Mother was not something to fear; but a natural process.

I was fascinated to learn how beliefs and expectations are formed and the impact they have on shaping our reality – and more importantly how to change this.

I was horrified to realize that not only had I got into the habit of being a “rescuer” but sometimes even the perpetrator and victim. I’ve learned the power of letting go of bitterness, rage and anger. I’ve learned to forgive myself and others, and embrace the now. I’ve learned the power of gratitude, and how it helps to keep life in perspective. I’ve learned how to love my life, make courageous decisions, and appreciate and celebrate who I am and what I  have achieved. 

In just a few months, my life and my health have dramatically transformed!


Vince Lambourn – Personal Trainer, Mr Zimbabwe Champion, Multi Martial Arts Expert, Entrepreneur, TV Show Producer and Presenter, Life Coach

I thoroughly enjoyed the thoughtful group and individual attention you put into this course, and how you made the sessions fun and interactive.

I intend to use the self celebration and meditation techniques with my clients. The Emotional Intelligence and Belief Systems section was mind blowing! It also explained why I can get stuck in a belief loop when something is playing on my mind. Understanding how brain chemistry works under stress was fascinating and reinforced the importance of using the Stress First Aid exercise you taught us.

Procrastination has always been a major problem with my clients so learning new strategies to overcome this has been awesome for me. I realize now the importance of not seeking instant gratification; that the easy route is not always the best option. I see now how being a perfectionist can be a form of procrastination – for instance it explains why it took me 6 years to write my first book!

Setting boundaries has been a major problem in my life, resulting in extreme stress levels.

So, this course has helped me realise that although I am a natural born giver, I cannot help everyone; and if I don’t look after myself first especially when under pressure, I have nothing worth giving anyway. My people pleasing I now realise is driven by a fear of rejection, abandonment or being left out. This has had a negative impact on my life. Now I understand that taking the risk of putting healthy boundaries in place has so many benefits.

I have learned that a common reason for people being resistant to goal setting, or failing to achieve them is because the goals aren’t aligned with their core values. This is counterproductive; often generating feelings of guilt, failure or low self esteem – even depression. If on the other hand our goals are vision driven they are fuelled by passion, generating excitement and momentum and pushing us through the tough times.

It’s amazing how learning how to reframe problems and situations, by asking the right questions can give us a lot more choices and possible solutions.

The supporting videos were very interesting too – particularly the ones on body language. I now use these principles before a meeting or presentation.

Before doing this course, I always put other people, and things before myself. But I realise now that this just builds resentment and damages my self esteem over time. I have learned to talk to my reflection in a kind caring and respectful way, something I have never done until now. The most important relationship in my life is now the relationship that I have with myself. I am so glad I did this course – both I and my clients have benefited in so many ways!


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Shelley Dempster, Zimbabwe

I can honestly tell you that I would not have been able to stand up at the funeral and share my love for my brother with everyone who loved him, without having done your course.

I Still cannot really believe that he is gone – and am not sure how to grieve. But I know it will take time.

I have managed to be so strong at times – and have managed to face one of my biggest fears of public speaking. And I had to do so with a broken heart and a “frog in my throat” but I DID IT….

I now feel that if I can do that – and climb Mount Kilimanjaro, I can do anything!

t47hqUNT_400x400 Caron

~ Caron Proctor – Life Coach and Fitness Instructor, New Zealand

You helped me break free from my lack mentality. I was afraid to give to myself. I held my prices too low. I undervalued myself and my service.

Pamina, thanks a million for pointing me in a new direction! It has had an immediate effect – as if by magic.

I have to tell you in brief that you have helped me break free and understand my stories in general. I have used some of your questions on time, money, sex, work and fear with my clients. I have a different energy. I am aware that I had a lack mentality to money and was afraid to give to myself, I held my prices too low. I undervalued myself and my service. I also noticed I was afraid to live larger.

I have over the last year doubled my prices. I have created new packages to serve my clients better, grow my business and earn more. I created retreat days and two hour intensive sessions, plus couples coaching.

I raised my value, let go of what people think and realized how I was holding my clients back by buying into their stories. I feel more at ease now pulling them out of their stories and helping them see how a negative focus is keeping them stuck. I am more confident taking them into their future.

You have pointed me down a path of transformation. It is quite powerful and has taken me into a different state. I now give myself permission to create more abundance and I encourage my clients to do the same.

I say ‘yes’ to more risks, I say ‘No’ to giving myself away.

If you don’t think you are worth it, how can you be an awesome coach, partner, mother or friend? It is a work in progress, but wow, hugely powerful. As I said I was on this path, but still on the first stepping stone, your email coaching was like a gust of beautiful wind in my sails. It took me into a new adventure and this is just the start. Watch this space 🙂 Thanks a million for pointing me in a new direction! It has had an immediate effect – as if by magic. Much love and appreciation xx”


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Shasha Banda, Motivational Speaker, Champion Success Strategies

I would never have achieved such a complete or insightful picture on my own.

This course instilled in me the confidence to look after myself, and to stop people-pleasing. I found the whole coaching process incredibly helpful. I better understand now what’s important to me and what I enjoy. I feel I have gained a much better inner focus. I feel extremely motivated because it is a path I have decided, rather than something that has been imposed. I would never have achieved such a complete or insightful picture on my own. I now have a clear view of the sort of role and environment I want to aim for – both short and longer term – and the confidence to achieve it. Pamina’s manner is warm and approachable – yet action based. Money well invested! 



Kelly Payn – Travel Consultant, Stress Management & Life Coach

Until I did this course I only had a vague idea what a life coach was, and was slightly skeptical about it; especially the relaxation exercises.

I can now say that the relaxation exercises not only work, but should be a part of our daily routine. It was very enlightening to learn how the body reacts to stress, and discovering that the negative impact of stress is caused by our perceived ability to cope with a situation astounded me! I now realize how much you can influence your stress levels, by becoming solution orientated instead of victim orientated.

The most important take-away for me is to be kind to myself. If I make a mistake or am not where I feel I should be with something – I don’t need to beat myself up about it. Another important thing I learned is that people need validation and encouragement – and that we don’t need to rely on others for this – we can give it to ourselves.

I had suffered from lack of confidence for far too long. This course has given me back my confidence. I now have personal proof how powerful coaching is.

As I am the queen of procrastination, it was an eye opener to discover why, and what I can do to change this stressful habit. Ditto for setting personal boundaries; learning to say NO without justifying it has been beyond freeing. I have learned so much of great value from this course—and am eager to use my new knowledge to help others.

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~ Lyn Robinson, Event Planner, Stress Management and Life Coach, Zimbabwe

I had read Pamina’s testimonial on her ups and downs in life, that led her to be the genius of a coach she is.

I turned 40 a couple of months before my decision to enroll in Pamina’s Practical Stress Management and Life Coach Practitioner program. This was a desperate measure to reclaim my life.  How true that saying is ‘life begins at 40’.  

Upon reflection I realised that there was never a point in my life when I was not ‘stressed’.

The time had come for me to climb out of that pity pit—a place I allowed myself to inhabit for so long, and rid myself of the frustrations, denials and fears that had unconsciously plagued my life.

The last couple of years were vehemently so. I discovered my husband of 12 years and partner of 17 had an affair.  Although the affair was over, the pain was there to stay. My teenage kids suffered the constant arguments, which led to emotional unrest in the home. A series of conflicts, arguments and therapist sessions, became the order of our lives. The pit was getting deeper and darker. I became (or rather saw) myself as a victim. My frustrations grew, and my resentment grew further.

I needed to regain my ruined self esteem. Most importantly, I needed to look deep within to find and restore the unique individual who had been neglected for far too long. It was time to recreate myself and the introduction to this course was inviting. Finally a light shone into that very dark and deep pit.

I had read Pamina’s testimonial on her ups and downs in life that ultimately led her to be the genius of a coach she is.

I realized I was riddled with self sabotage. A glimpse of a me-that-could-be started to emerge. The self celebration exercises got easier with time, and was a wonderful way to build intimacy with yourself and recognize the empowered person you aspired to become.

We really looked forward to the visualization/relaxation/meditation exercises each week. What a powerful method this is to gain clarity on your inner thoughts, focusing on the positive, in a safe, supportive and tranquil space. I was delighted when the exercise I wrote myself was well received by my team mates! A great indicator of my increasing self esteem and courage.

When I feel I am slipping back into old habits, Pamina’s Emotional Intelligence skills are a motivational force

Putting this into practice, saw an early transformation in my exercise regime, healthier eating and adopting productive habits every day, which created an ever growing sense of well being.

A few back slides are natural, being human. But on seeing Pam each week, radiating such positive energy and body language, her bright eyes and fiery red hair all characteristic of her nature, and her infectious confidence was all I needed to get back on the journey I had signed up for.

Every week we were exposed to more and more captivating knowledge about the  effects of stress. This increased our Emotional Intelligence skills. We learned ways to transform our victim mentality. I was no stranger to this and implementing the steps toward empowerment was so rewarding.

Week 7 and I cannot believe the transformation that has taken place.

I now know that challenges along the way are valuable learning opportunities. Miracles can happen when you throw yourself fully into what you want to achieve!

Week by week, I have witnessed the rise in my self esteem, understanding, motivation, energy levels,  ability to set boundaries imperative to my well being, coping with stress and personal accountability. When I feel I am slipping back into old habits, Pamina is a motivational force, reminding me of the journey ahead and my purpose in life. Her inspiring qualities and personal capacity to take on challenges and see them through is enough to put me back on track.

I can’t believe I wasted all that valuable energy invoking unnecessary pain and suffering for so long. I realize now that I had become a lonely, self loathing, out of control woman who resisted love. What had I gained? I intend to keep living each day with JOY and inspiration; to recognize and value my positive characteristics. My courage to reclaim my life has led to wonderful experiences of self discovery and personal transformation!  Thank you Pamina, for being right there beside me, encouraging, inspiring, guiding and supporting me on this courageous journey to find the real ME!


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 Tamara Williams – Software Developer and Analyst, Jamaica

These are some of the fear barriers I have broken during my year’s coaching with Pamina.

When I started I constantly felt anxious about money. It was a scary topic. Now I have cleared some of my debt and I feel much more in control of my finances.

I am exercising more regularly and feel so much better about myself.

I hardly had time for friends because of my demanding work culture. But I also didn’t make the effort to socialize when I could. Not having a strong social network negatively affected my personal development. Now I feel great that I have reconnected with old friends, and made new connections too.

I felt very anxious that I was not in control of my career. I’m not there yet, but working with Pamina reminds me that I have choices about what I want to do in my career and that I can and am creating a plan to get there.

I am much more open-minded and confident about learning new skills, and am no longer so worried and frustrated.

People-pleasing and poor boundaries were seriously sabotaging habits. Now I am far more aware of my actions and being much more assertive. My victim mindset was sabotaging me constantly. Now I am not afraid to say ‘No’ and can feel myself becoming more assertive each day. I feel great that I have more control over my life. I celebrate my achievements – something I never did before, and I have a list of fun goals for the year ahead, that I wouldn’t have dreamed I could achieve before.

Pamina is approachable, friendly, calm, and has a non-judgmental attitude. She is willing to share examples from her past and current life experiences to help me understand similar challenges that I am going through. She is always willing to work at a pace that I am comfortable with and provides insightful and practical activities to help me dig deep and understand any negative beliefs that are sabotaging me. She always spots my excuses! Then gently but firmly steers me toward becoming more responsible for my personal life and career. I continue to learn more about myself each day and consider myself lucky to have her coaching me on my journey to greater fulfillment and success!


Book Reviews

David Thomas GMM Guinness record breaker, media personality, International speaker, number 1 bestselling author says “Your writing is brilliant. You speak from the heart and are funny and connected. I love your dry wit. You are very readable.”

“I just finished the first chapter and I am already loving it! Congratulations on completing such a wonderful book.”
~ Vishal Srivastava, Gyantra Publishing

Your book like your website is bursting with variety and joy. It just explodes off the page; so fluent and many-featured. You seem unstoppable. Congratulations!”
Dr. Ron Benton M.A. (Oxon), Ph.D.

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