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The word Yes on a green bowling ball striking pins labeled No to illustrate overcoming objections with a competitive advantage and positive winning attitude

14 Ways to turn rejection to your advantage

Have you ever been told you won’t amount to anything, that you’re not up to the requirements of the position; your business ideas are ridiculous, the promotion is way above your abilities, you’re just not leadership material, you’re unattractive, unlovable or an abysmal failure?

Yup – we’ve all been on the wrong end of rejection, criticism and even ridicule at different times in our lives. It can leave you feeling … Read on...

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helping hand giving to drowning man in sea

The 5 minute SOS that stops stress wrecking your life

There has been a tragic trend recently in my part of the world – an alarming increase in suicide statistics. It seems men are particularly at risk, and financial stress is often the trigger.

This has saddened me immensely, leading to the question:

What can we do to help?

The thing is most problems begin in a relatively manageable way. But like a cardiac condition, over time they can escalate … Read on...

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Two eyes with the sky and so many butterflies flying on the forehead

13 ways stressful experiences can fast-forward the birth of a hero

Life can be blissful, euphoric, fascinating and infinitely rewarding—or messy, unpredictable, confusing, and sometimes downright painful and terrifying. Your worst nightmares can erupt in the blink of an eye, making you feel as though you’ve been flattened by a ten ton truck.

Sometimes it’s a gradual accumulation of stressful, confusing experiences, or the dawning realization that you’ve become disillusioned with expectations you’ve built your life around. Maybe doors to opportunities … Read on...

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Editable vector design of dog paw prints on a floor

10 Questions that will help you track your inner Gollum

In my previous post I explored the havoc that illusive little Gollum who lies in ambush in your brain can cause. So, how do you track him down? What signs do you look for? Does he wear size 14 combat boots? Does he leave footprints—or paw prints; disturbed earth; over¬turned rocks; trampled grass, or broken bushes?

Well no—but a disturbed self image, overturned career, broken dreams or trampled relationships—absolutely!

Does … Read on...

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A little child is walking in the woods holding a light and looking at a glowing red door on the path for a mystery or imagination concept.

10 things smart people do to get unstuck

Remember the client I told you about in my last post who prefaced our first session with I hope you don’t think I’m a mad woman—then turned out to be the complete reverse? The one whose been stuck in a job where she’s treated disrespectfully, believing that being a single parent of four children with limited marketable skills she had no option? The woman who was given 2 weeks to … Read on...

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access granted entrance password accepted control safety and security restricted area members only red label icon or stamp

20 good reasons to use this password to freedom

Are you a human baggage trolley, volunteering to take on everyone else’s work, as well as your own? Does a chronic case of people-pleasing trigger an overwhelming urge in you to take responsibility for other people’s problems?

If you’re asked: • Can you stay late and complete this project – again… • Can you baby-sit tonight (when you had plans) • Can you buy into this brilliant business opportunity (when … Read on...

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wrong way stop and turn back now bad direction making mistakes

50 no-frills insights for a stress free life

Since we all live busy lives, and don’t always get around to revisiting all the information we have access to, I’ve decided to compile this no-frills-facts-of-a-stress-free life guide for easy reference, based on previous posts.

You may want to display them where they are easily visible—to remind yourself, and others.

Warning: those who are not ready to get real may take offence…

1. Stop obsessively focusing on the problem and … Read on...

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