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Crocodiles with open mouth in the water.

16 Tips to mentally prepare for a major transition

It seems everywhere I look these days people are being called on to make major changes in their lives.

It can feel like crossing a crocodile infested river. What you want more than anything is on the other side. You know the only viable solution is to take a gigantic leap of faith, but your instincts are screaming “just look at the size of those teeth!”

Sometimes change is fast … Read on...

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Handsome young man in shirt and tie looking at camera and keeping arms crossed while standing against chalk drawing of muscular arms

17 famous quotes to help you leverage the leader within

Have you fallen prey to the mistaken belief that leadership is a natural, unteachable trait that some people have – but not you?

Well, I’m here to tell you that isn’t true!

Co-authoring the Huffington Post’s Africa’s Female Entrepreneurs series, and writing for the SheInspiresHer website, has confirmed what I already knew – that most of us have leadership potential. But not everyone believes it, develops it, and leverages it. … Read on...

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Jump Start your Life. Woman is bridging the gap and takes up the challenge

The habit that dictates what you create in 2017

Have you completed your “Wow I’ve made awesome progress” list? And are you rightfully proud of your progress?

What have you decided to dump?

What have you decided to adapt?

And what are you going to repeat?

Did any interesting patterns develop?

Well, they did for me….

The areas of my life that experienced the least growth; the ones that were lagging behind were those I had not consistently focused … Read on...

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NEW ZEALAND - CIRCA 2003: A stamp printed in New Zealand dedicated to The Lord of the Rings shows Gollum circa 2003

How can you stop your inner Gollum sabotaging you?

Has impulsively rushing into something ever bitten you on the butt, making you wish you’d pressed the pause button and evaluated the consequences first? Have you ever arrived late for an important interview? Are you dreaming of financial freedom while your credit card is melting from over use? Have you ever devoted yourself to the destruction of your liver by testing what you learned in chemistry class? Have you argued … Read on...

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Elegant girl doing acrobatic trick on hanging ribbons

50 foolproof ways to create confidence fast

What’s the state of your confidence account?

The reason I ask, is that confidence seems to be the key to the good life. Even when your bank account is taking strain, high confidence levels can change that. For instance, have you noticed how many people with healthy confidence accounts land up in leadership roles, while those who lack it often lag behind?

What exactly is this much sought after quality … Read on...

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Tandem skydiver in action parachuting.

One word that can turn stress into success

Does that ‘C’ word make you so uncomfortable that you can’t even say it without hyperventilating? Does your subconscious mind scream in panic whoa, what are you thinking, as you leave Usain Bolt in the dust, in an effort to get as far away as possible?

And that ‘C’ word would be?



Have you ever been adamant that you really want to make a relationship work, or have … Read on...

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