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Crocodiles with open mouth in the water.

16 Tips to mentally prepare for a major transition

It seems everywhere I look these days people are being called on to make major changes in their lives.

It can feel like crossing a crocodile infested river. What you want more than anything is on the other side. You know the only viable solution is to take a gigantic leap of faith, but your instincts are screaming “just look at the size of those teeth!”

Sometimes change is fast … Read on...

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Cheerful young woman listening music in headphones in loft apartment

Why do these 10 rituals reduce stress and enhance productivity?

Do you ever wonder why when most of us no longer have to worry on a daily basis about where we’re going to find shelter for the night, whether we’ll die of hypothermia, succumb to disease, be clubbed over the head by marauding tribesmen, or become dinosaur droppings—our stress levels are soaring? As relatively recently as the 1900’s, there was a very real chance you or a member of your … Read on...

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A silhouette of a plane with a question mark flying above a gps type land map depicting a missing airplane

4 proven ways to turn stress into a friend—instead of a foe

Are you dogged by deadlines, responsibilities that seem to multiply faster than rabbits on Viagra and a To Do list like a treadmill stuck on fast forward? Does your life feel like a hijacked jet and you’re just a helpless passenger?

Of course we all have the odd groundhog-day. You know the wake up late, spill coffee on your clothes, trip over the cat, hear something depressing on the news, … Read on...

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