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Jump Start your Life. Woman is bridging the gap and takes up the challenge

The habit that dictates what you create in 2017

Have you completed your “Wow I’ve made awesome progress” list? And are you rightfully proud of your progress?

What have you decided to dump?

What have you decided to adapt?

And what are you going to repeat?

Did any interesting patterns develop?

Well, they did for me….

The areas of my life that experienced the least growth; the ones that were lagging behind were those I had not consistently focused … Read on...

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Motivational Quote on watercolor background - Do something today that your future self will thank you for.

25 easy ways to make 2017 a sensational success

Well, it’s that time of year again. A time for reflection, evaluation, and self-celebration!

What, you don’t do this?

Well, start now!


If you’re not clear about what to dump, what to adapt and what to repeat, how can you make the year ahead a game changer?

If a rapidly changing environment has thrown your plans off course, how can you formulate a different strategy to achieve the outcomes … Read on...

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Office Workers Outdoor Yoga Relaxation Concept

14 things NOT to do when the pressure’s on

Would you agree that when times are tough, you and your organization (which is a group of people just like you) need more than ever to be operating at maximum effectiveness?

Yet it’s usually the opposite.


Because when you’re under pressure and emotions are running high you instinctively revert to old default behavioral programs—without realizing it.

That’s why learning to pause and stay calm in the midst of a … Read on...

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NEW ZEALAND - CIRCA 2003: A stamp printed in New Zealand dedicated to The Lord of the Rings shows Gollum circa 2003

How can you stop your inner Gollum sabotaging you?

Has impulsively rushing into something ever bitten you on the butt, making you wish you’d pressed the pause button and evaluated the consequences first? Have you ever arrived late for an important interview? Are you dreaming of financial freedom while your credit card is melting from over use? Have you ever devoted yourself to the destruction of your liver by testing what you learned in chemistry class? Have you argued … Read on...

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Crying baby on a white background vector illustration

3 steps to stop your inner toddler derailing you

Are your New Year intentions still on track? Or has your inner toddler hijacked them already? You know the one who’s prone to tantrums when s/he can’t have or do what s/he wants right this MINUTE? The one who can’t resist the siren call of immediate gratification—no matter what the consequences.

After the initial dopamine high has been satiated, do you feel disappointed with your lack of self control?

Or … Read on...

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wrong way stop and turn back now bad direction making mistakes

50 no-frills insights for a stress free life

Since we all live busy lives, and don’t always get around to revisiting all the information we have access to, I’ve decided to compile this no-frills-facts-of-a-stress-free life guide for easy reference, based on previous posts.

You may want to display them where they are easily visible—to remind yourself, and others.

Warning: those who are not ready to get real may take offence…

1. Stop obsessively focusing on the problem and … Read on...

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detailed illustration of a blackboard with writing "deadline yesterday" on it, eps10 vector, gradient mesh included

5 Simple ways to stop this stressful habit

It’s hard to believe now, but there was a time when I was such a confirmed procrastinator, that the backlog looked like a busy day at JFK. I needed a team of air traffic controllers. Clearly there weren’t any, because I lurched from crisis to crisis with alarming regularity.

Of course being a single parent of two toddlers—one with special needs, and a full time businesswoman required being permanently in … Read on...

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A silhouette of a plane with a question mark flying above a gps type land map depicting a missing airplane

4 proven ways to turn stress into a friend—instead of a foe

Are you dogged by deadlines, responsibilities that seem to multiply faster than rabbits on Viagra and a To Do list like a treadmill stuck on fast forward? Does your life feel like a hijacked jet and you’re just a helpless passenger?

Of course we all have the odd groundhog-day. You know the wake up late, spill coffee on your clothes, trip over the cat, hear something depressing on the news, … Read on...

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Can Your Goals be too Big?

My answer, based on the people I work with is yes—sometimes they can. And I think this is linked to the cultural expectations of the world we live in. Our expectations often become distorted by this fast forward, desensitized, over dramatized, polarized culture of our times. Success is spelt $uccess. Achievement has to be massive, extreme and immediate—front page headlines, with many exclamation marks. And if your achievements don’t fall … Read on...

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